There is a "white elephant" sitting in the middle of the advertising industry, and it is called "ad blocker". Advertisers are losing money due to ads not being shown and website owners / publishers are losing revenues because of less advertising reaching website visitors.

No one wants to talk about the "white elephant" in the room publicly; however, we have a solution that benefits everyone. You can either wring your hands and worry or you can beat / defeat the web browser ad-blockers. We show you how.

Most, if not all, website owners are suffering from the lack of revenues due to ad blockers and companies are suffering due to the increasing number of website visitors employing ad blocking technology.

The answer is so simple, yet many ignore the obvious. The answer is statically server advertising. Big ad networks can't beat ad blockers, yet statically served advertising, if implemented properly can and will beat ad blocking technologies. The ad blockers can't block every website on the Internet, and that's a fact. is a private membership access community of website owners and advertisers that work together to defeat ad blocking technology so that everyone involved wins. Members also have access to resources to help ensure ads are show to all website visitors.

Join today and gain access to our community and resources so that you make more money from your hard work and find advertisers that want to bypass ad-blocking technology.



September 8, 2015 - is finally launched!